Aftercare Guide


Leave your hair extensions to settle for a minimum of 48 hours after installation before washing them. Try to avoid tying your hair up in this first 48 hours post  extension application.


Please attend your regular maintenance appointment every 6-7 weeks. If left any longer than you are at risk of damaging your natural hair.

It is best to use a de-tangling brush and avoid brushing when wet as this is when the hair follicles are most vulnerable. 

Brush your hair prior to going to bed and tie hair low and loose or in a plait. Sleeping on a satin pillow case will reduce friction and any tangles to your hair extensions.

Always brush gently from your ends up while holding the top of your extensions to avoid any pulling. 

Keep in mind that we highly suggest if you are going on holiday to a very humid and hot destination we suggest you have your extensions removed to ensure they are not ruined while enjoying your holiday.


Yes keep moving, however prior to exercising and/or swimming we highly suggest applying the recommended leave in treatment to your extensions & washing your hair immediately after these activities. Sweat & dirt can cause tangling and/or even loosening of your tapes.

Remember chlorine is bleach, you need to ensure if you are going swimming to keep your extensions well out of the chlorinated water.


It is important to use a heat protectant on your extensions as well as your natural hair before doing any heat styling. 

Blow-dry the roots of your hair with your tape extensions as you do not want to leave the attachments wet. Once the roots are dry you can leave the rest to dry naturally if you wish.

Keep your straightener plates away from the top bond of the hair extensions. Any kind of high temperature directly applied can cause the bond to become loose and slip or even fall out.


Use all of the recommended aftercare products if you are wanting to get the longest wear out of your extensions and ensure they are kept in the best condition. 

The products we recommend are sulphate and paraben free. Sulphate strips hair of its natural oils and as there is no direct supply of nutrients from your scalp into the extensions strands, it is vital you use a sulphate free product.

Recommended Wild & Savvy Products:

  • Extension Shampoo
  • Extension Conditioner
  • Mask Me Hair Mask 
  • Savvy Protector Spray

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Neither your technician or supplier hold any responsibility for the condition of your hair extensions after they have been applied. It is all up to you to look after them now and we sincerely hope you enjoy your new locks...

Please contact us if you have any further questions or to book your next appointment.