Hair Extensions grow out with your natural hair as it grows. It is important that you maintain your new Hair Extensions and attend all maintenance appointments every  5-8 weeks. If left longer than the 5-8 week period, you are at risk of damaging your natural hair and your Hair Extension .

Prior to washing your hair, comb your Extensions with a de-tangling brush, DO NOT brush your hair while it is wet, as your follicles are most vulnerable to damage when wet.


Once you have brushed your hair as instructed above, loosely plat your hair extensions. Sleeping on a satin pillow-case will reduce friction throughout the night, preventing tangles and knotting.

It is very important that you use a shampoo and conditioner that is recommended by your hair extensionist. Ensure the shampoo is sulfate and paraben free. Sulfate strips the Hair Extensions of their natural oils. As there is no direct  supply of nutrients from your scalp to the extension follicle, it is vital you use sulfate free shampoo and condition to prevent your Hair extensions drying out and becoming unmanageable.
Before applying heat to your Hair Extensions, it is important that you use  a heat protector spray prior to styling. This will prevent damage to not only the Hair Extensions, But your natural hair also.
You must blow-dry the roots of your hair after washing, Especially with Tape Extensions, as you do not want to leave the moisture in between the attachments. Once the roots are dry, you can leave the remaining of the Hair Extensions to dry naturally if you wish.


Sea water and swimming pool chemicals can cause bond breakage and decrease the longevity of the Hair Extensions. To minimise these effects, Prior to swimming, Wet the hair completely in a shower and either braid the Hair Extensions, or apply the leave in hair mask, as recommended by Wild & Savvy. After swimming, rinse your Hair extensions immediately and wash with recommended products.

NOTE: Please contact us should you want to have your Hair Extensions removed, Charges do apply.